What the Porsche Club of America recommends for your first Porsche

If you're contemplating buying your first Porsche but maybe not ready for a 911, the Porsche Club of America says go for the Boxster. Here's why -- it's a great value:

"Since its introduction at the Detroit Auto Show in 1993, the Porsche Boxster has received universal acclaim from the automotive press for its styling, performance, quality and value. Its heritage and legacy as a true Porsche have never been questioned—even by the most discerning of Porschephiles. With a mid-engine design that can be traced back to the very first Porsche car made, 356-001, the Boxster’s near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution makes it a fabulous handling car for spirited driving on suitable roads, or even on track. Boasting timeless looks and an enviable record of reliability, it is arguably the best convertible for the money on the market today. Its solid construction and amenities give it a well-deserved reputation as a sports car for all seasons and all climes. It is a perfect weekend fun car for a leisurely drive on a warm sunny day or, conversely, performing as a daily driver in varying weather conditions with the optional removable aluminum hard top.

The Boxster has always represented tremendous value for the money. It has been and continues to be on the cutting edge of Porsche’s engineering technology and provides its owners the type of electronic gadgetry and appointments one would expect to find on much more expensive cars—and all for a more affordable price. The base price for a new 2009 Boxster starts around $46,000, so it’s still quite a buy. The current market value of pre-owned Boxsters makes them great entry-level cars—either as an enthusiast’s first Porsche or for someone looking to buy a nice convertible for daily transportation."

They offer a really nice year-by-year-guide to buying a Boxster.

Porsche has also recently announced a new Boxster Spyder, inspired by James Dean's car. Yes, that car. Read some of the first articles about it and watch the video here.

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